Jalang’o is no joke my friends! When it comes to his shoe game, he doesn’t play!

The media personality just revealed that he has over 3,212 pairs of shoes and for each shoe, he spends roughly Ksh 5000.

Jalang’o revealed that growing up, he couldn’t afford to buy shoes and so now that he has the ability, he can even buy 4 pairs in a week.

“My love for shoes started when I joined Form One. My dad had fund raised to take me to school and that’s when he got me my first pair of shoes. I’m just compensating for the years I never had shoes. Currently, I have 3,212 pairs of shoe. In a good week I can buy as many as four pairs of shoes.”

Now Jalang’o is not bragging but just stating facts! I mean, once you make it and can actually afford them, then why not. I am a strong believer in respecting the hustle, started from the bottom now you are here.


Despite the prices though, we have to admit the shoes look good. Just the other day he threw his daughter a big huge lavish party that looked quite expensive and he made sure everyone was equally entertained.

Mtu wa watu sio? Jalang’o set to run for Lang’ata MP come 2022!

Here are just but a few of his shoe collections since we really can’t put all 3212 now can we?