Kiss FM co-host Jalango has expressed his shock after a 19-year-old woman identified as Shakilla mentioned names of people she has slept with.

This she did through a Live Instagram video, where she claimed she has slept with more than 30 men.

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Jalango was shocked considering he has met her in the past and they even took a photo.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, he said,

‘She took a photo with me sometime when we met during a restraurant opening and posted it innocently and then later on I came to realize who she was.

I was so shocked because when I met her she looked like such an innocent girl.

These children have decided to kill their parents.

Imagine as a parent and you see the insides and outsides of your daughter being shown all over the internet.”

Jalango and Shakilla

Kamene Goro has said young people should understand that maisha ni yao and they should live it responsibly.

‘Imagine Shakilas parents? Saying she has slept with over 30 men and looking for ways to get her tightness back. Can you imagine?

Young people are confident enough to post that they are partaking in drugs and others recording when they are doing things in cars when in fields.’

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