Kiss FM radio co-host Jalango has said that he cannot tolerate a woman who does not know how to cook and all she does is ordering take-out.

This, he revealed to his colleague Kamene Goro during the Morning Kiss show.

‘If you take a woman out shopping and she picks, crisps,chocolate among other things she is a scam.

A woman should first go to the ‘real food’ aisle. A woman must know how to cook. How does someone go straight to the sausages aisle?

If I am dating you and you bring my friends food you have ordered.  I will slap you, peleka hio ujinga huko.

Of all the things, when you leave home atleast know how to maintain your home and how to cook.’

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Further adding,

‘Have you ever gone to any ruracio and stuff. The bride to be is given pots, mwiko among other things.

Imagine I am dating you and I am with my friends and we are still ordering food from online apps?’

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Jalango added if a lady can’t cook, it’s better they get training from their parents.

‘Peleka hio ujinga huko.

Let your mother teach you how to cook before ufukuzwe. So i should eat njugu and crisps just because you can’t cook?’

To which Kamene Goro defiantly responded,

‘You are crazy if you think naeza toka kwangu nikuje kwako nikupikie? That’s witchcraft, I can’t.’

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