Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Kiss FM morning show presenter Jalango has said that Guardian Angel’s 50 year old girlfriend Esther Musila looks hotter than his co-host Kamene Goro.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss Jalango told Kamene,

‘She looks very good, even better than you and the reason is because 

unapenda wine mingi,you don’t have a boyfriend, lots of shisha and you have too much stress.’

Guardian Angel to Donald Trump: Prominent people thriving with older spouses/baes


‘I have been seeing all this drama around Guardian Angels relationship unfold, both of them are my friends.

She is a very social and prayerful woman.

When the story came out she had just turned 50.

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Go through her photos and see how hot she is, age is just a number.

Let love rule, Guardian Angel has found love in that 50 year old, not in you (Kamene) and not in any other woman.

They just have a 20 year age difference.’

To which Kamene responded,

‘Yenyewe that woman is hot. But 20 years is a majority of my age if you remove 20 years from my age you will be sitting here with a 20 year old. This is something foreign to us.’

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