Kiss FM radio co-host Jalango has said he is not ready to work with Kamene Goro any more as she is not how he had envisioned her to be..

According to Jalas, some of the advice Kamene gives women is ‘misleading’ and he is displeased.

‘I can’t work with you, The Kamene I envisioned should be the big sister, a sister who advises girls ‘nicely’.

How can you tell them it’s  better to be single than be half loved? Get into a half-loving relationship and make it work.’

‘My ex sent me hate mail,’ Kamene Goro reveals the details


‘Conversations in relationships are very good. Nobody comes into a relationship at 100% so we try and put our differences aside.

Love is a beautiful thing so let it grow.’

Kamene was however not convinced and stuck by her sentiments.

‘It’s better to be single than to be half loved.

Too many ladies are getting into relationships where they are getting nothing.

A guy does not pick your phone, he will reply to your text 8 hours later or even ghost on you.

You know it’s not what you want but you are still stuck there. Sister please leave ,walk away.’

Here are red flags to look out for and identify you are half loved.’



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