Kiss FM presenter Jalangoo has said that under no circumstance would he be in an open relationship like Jada and Will Smith.

According to him if you are not happy in a relationship he would just walk away.

Speaking during his debut show alongside Kamene Goro, he said

They we’re tired of each other from the word go, but she (Jada Smith) chose to stay for other reasons.

How can you say you want to find your happiness after 25 years? 

Why did it take you so long to realize you were unhappy?’

He added,

such things can only happen in America and not in Africa.

The thing you should be looking for is why Will Smith’s wife decided to stray after 25 years.

If you are unhappy tell me in the first or second month, or leave.’

Will and his wife have been the talk of the town after his wife had an affair with a younger man.

Not only was he younger but he was also a friend to their son.

Her entanglement partner is also not as succesful as Will Smith something that has left many wondering what Jada saw in August Alsina.

To be frank, in Kenya you would be dead before you even tried thinking of entanglement.

Would you be in an open relationship?