Kiss 100 radio Co-host Jalango has narrated how being naughty in the past was the norm. Unlike now, he was just a young man trying to hustle and make ends meet.

Sharing his experience with his co-host Kamene Goro he said

‘There is a time me being arrested was the norm.

There were so many arrests until one day I went to Nairobi Aviation and took the prospectus and kept them in the bag.

I decided that if the police arrested me I would tell them that I was a student.

Most of the time you are arrested for loitering, so they give you tasks such as cleaning the police station, and be released in the morning.’

Jalango added

‘I have been in court twice.

There is a time Caroline Mutoko, Larry Asego  and I had been arrested and detained at Langata. Unlike us Carol was very composed, zile masimu alikua anapigiwa, wacha tu.

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My mother on the other hand cried since morning I even had to ask her to calm her down.

During my hustle days was almost every day. Most people are released in the morning especially when the reason for the arrest is petty.’

Kamene shared that she had only been arrested once and would never want to be arrested ever again.

‘I have been arrested once and that event instilled fear in me so I never want to imagine being arrested again.’

Have you ever been arrested and what was your experience?

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