The entertainer has spoken about being warned against buying a house for his mother

Kiss 100 radio co-host Jalango now says that every lady should consider dating a Luo man as they are the only species who know how to treat women.

This he advised during the morning Kiss conversation after Kamene Goro said she wouldn’t advise women to ever date Luo men.

“Dating a Luo man needs to be featured in a thousand ways to die.” Kamene advised

Jalango was however not pleased by that and he defended men from his tribe arguing

” No, you can’t die. You know what…so you do not want to date Luo’s? How will you see these hotels? Utapiga picha wapi if you do not want to date a Luo?

Where and when will you drink Glenfiddich? Who will buy it for you?”

Luo men are known for their love for the larger things in life.

They not only love dressing to impress but they also love riding in high end cars, living in posh houses among other things.

Unlike their counterparts from Central,  Luo’s are good with words, they know that women love being appreciated and that they do without a fuss.

Like they say, ujaluo ni gharama.

But truth be told it depends with an individual, it doesn’t mean that all Luo’s behave this way, wengine ni scam.

Have you ever/would you ever date a Luo?

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