Comedian Jalango’s first day on-air as a cohost on Kiss FM saw him demystify some truths about breakups.

Jalango explained to fellow morning show co-host, Kamene Goro why a woman would leave the husband. He broke the reasons down into two.

He said,

“The root cause of all evil is money if you are financially embarrassed – Luos don’t go broke we get financially embarrassed – and a man challenges you and takes your girlfriend…”

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Jalango continued explaining,

“Baby, if you and me are dating and another man with money comes and takes you away, I cannot do anything about it but look for more money to get you back.”

He went on to explains saying, that is one of the reasons a woman will leave the husband.

Citing the issue of Hollywood couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, Jalango said,

“But will and Jada are successful so money was not a problem. There were other things in play.”

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“When a broke man takes your wife and you have money. That is the worst thing. You can be left because of time.Women want time. You don’t have time for your girlfriend. Ghafla bin vuu, baby has been taken by a broke man and gone somewhere.”

Jalango advised,

“Let no broke man take your girlfriend you will never find her because they have time and other things too.”

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