The entertainer has spoken about being warned against buying a house for his mother

Jalang’o is one of the most celebrated entertainers in the media industry. The man has made his mark as both a radio presenter and an MC using his comedic talents to great effect.

In one of his roles as an MC

And as such, he has been able to amass a lot of riches. He has however given an interesting anecdote about how he was told by his kin that he would die if he dared to build a house for his mother.
He spoke on Milele FM and said that according to Luo traditions his mother needed to remarry after the death of his father before she could occupy a new house.

The radio presenter in the studio

But he said that he wasn’t one who believed in witchcraft and went ahead to purchase a parcel of land. He then proudly built a house for his mother.

He then sarcastically said that he sat down and waited to die as the people in his village had predicted. He said:

I can tell you for a fact there is nothing like witchcraft. According to Luo traditions, I was not allowed to build my mum a house. I said I only serve God and if he thought I was supposed to die because I built my mum a house then so be it.

The presenter holding a glass

Jalang’o said that his kith and kin crossed their fingers, hoping that he had not unleashed a curse on himself. He finished off his story by saying that he is still waiting for his imminent punishment.

The comedian had not only built a home for his mother, but he is also currently building a mansion for himself at an undisclosed location.

Jalang'o house
The mansion he is building

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