We all have that one ex who has refused to leave our lives. What is the one reason that always get us crawling back to our exes?

According to Jalas, it is impossible to live without our exes. Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Jalango said

‘You cannot do without your exes.

Women just say they cannot get back to their ex but they still confide in them.

That is why some ladies will confide in their ex when things are not working out with their current man.’

Maybe this is your first love and the person who opened a lot of avenues. Yet he is your ex but only because things did not work out.’

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‘You might block him but you still stalk him left right and left.

When he posts a photo with his current bae, you are the first to show it to your girlfriends arguing how ‘bad’ she looks.

Kumbe ni wivu inakunyonga.’

Is it true that there is always an ex whom we can’t seem to shake off from our lives? If yes what makes you going back to them?

Or what makes you allow them in and out of your life?

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