Jalango vs Naiboi

There seems to be beef brewing between radio presenter Jalang’o and artiste Naiboi.


The two locked horns on Instagram after Jalang’o called Naiboi out, saying he’s not appreciative at all.


Jalang’o, who recently took to social media to lash out at local artistes telling them to wake up and give us good music has told Naiboi to stay humble and appreciate people.

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Jalango shared a video of Naiboi’s 2018 hit song 2 in 1, which featured Kenyans and captioned;

This is to my brother and friend Naiboi before you pay for the trip to Naija remember that the following radio presenters not only accepted to be in your video by recording themselves and sending you their videos to make you most popular hit 2 in 1! Hauna shukran kabisa!

By the way, local artists are not complaining because they sing in vernacular and their songs are on high rotation in the local radio stations. Akina King Khali ni urban musicians who are out to compete with Naija and Bongo! local music are being played! So Naiboi ni vizuri kukuwa na shukrani! Kitaeleweka tu!

Jalang'o vs Naiboi

This did not go well with Naiboi who came out to respond to Jalang’o and he insisted taht Kenyan music MUST be played whether presenters like it or not.

So hapa ndio pali imefika. Because i said we need to support Kenyan music.
Because i said i will pay for 5 guys who don’t support Kenyan music.
I say thank you More than i ask for assistance here on IG..


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 Check out reactions from Naiboi’s followers:

wawesh_ras: @jalangoo is just being petty for nothing. You don’t have to count how many times you helped someone to be somewhere. Yes many of out top media personalities came in handy to support his 2in1 video, we say thank you but it wasn’t a blackmail ndio asiongee about such a topic. You work in media houses so you have the opportunity to promote local music, ipee priority na uwache hii pettiness yako.

Kenzo Matata: All we ae asking for is a level play grouind in pur home ground..

tinakaggia: Oh this is what this is about. Playing Kenyan music on Kenyan soil is not a favor to any artist. It is a requirement!!! Eish. Hizi story za Asante zinatokea wapi??? Last I checked, at least when I was on radio, presenters were paid to play music. What is this about teyi3to reduce our artists to beggars who are scrambling for the miniscule crumbs of whatever airplay space is left after everyone else in the world has been given a platform??? @thenaiboi weka mguu chini! Tuko pamoja.
nyakssylvia: I love where this is going now. Due to one persons outcry Kenyans are now supporting their very own though negatively the message is reaching out to millions eventually and hopefully the results will be positive.

bossmog: So it’s even about the song it’s about those who appeared hehe presenters mtatumaliza

charles_riance: Supporting Kenyan music must be pushed by force by fire, don’t relent or be slowed because somebody held your hands when you needed, now you have a ground to fight for n accommodate the people looking up to you n those who need your help…

elvisnabibya: @jalangoo Umama utapeleka mbali… You were wise but of late you have started showing your stupidity… I was your number one fan but hii ujinga unaleta inafanya sikutambui tena… Get the hell out of Kenyan music.. Najua wewe watetea bongo Si uhamie Tz.. Nkt! @thenaiboi Keep moving bro, don’t mind him.. He is confused