Jalango and wife

Kenyan men have expressed their disappointment with Jalango for flaunting his wife on Valentines, something the men’s conference was against.

Jalango, who is known by his fans as ‘Love doctor’, was expected to be attending the conference but he did not.

Taking to his Instagram, Jalango penned.

‘ Yesterday, today and forever….Happy Valentine’s!’

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Among the things people attending the me’s conference were not expected to do is PDA, a test Jalango failed.
Check out some of the comments below.

5ive_touch:Endeleeni kuchochwa na men’s conference na watu wanakula mali safi uku😂.

__kings_._: Wewe jalaaas unaniangusha I thought today was valentine’s day……niaje tena unavaa track ya black kaa msee anataka kuconfuse umati ama unataka kupanda bus za kitui😂😂😂.

governer_ken: Naona men’s conference umetutoka kabisa.

2mbili: Men’s conference is a scam 😂😂, wanapostiwa majamaa.

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