Kiss FM co-host Jalango has advised parents not to always turn their children away when they go back home seeking refuge when going through marital issues.

This he said during the Morning Kiss after narrating how a friend to a friend cheated only for the wife to cheat on him also.

‘I have a friend, OF a friend who decided to cheat on his wife ile ya madharau.

This guy started cheating to an extent the wife got to know. Akahamisha the wife to a new bedroom and gave it to his new chick.

He took the wife’s car and gave it to his side chick.’

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Jalango added,

‘When the wife went back to her parents home they told her to go back to her husbands house arguing watu watasema nini?

The wife finally met someone else and she stopped worrying about her husband’s infidelity.’

Jalango’s advise to parents.

‘Parents when your daughter comes home over marital issues such as infidelity accept her and stop telling her unatuaibisha.’

Jalango is right, some things can be easily handled rather than throwing your kids to the wolves just because of your pride and social standing.

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