Kiss 100 co-host Jalango has advised Kenyan women to be very wary during this cold season as they may end up falling prey to team mafisi.

As we all know the cold season is a good reason to ‘Twa Twa’ but don’t let the cold deceive you.

Like Jalango says, it might end up in premium tears. Talking during the morning Kiss, he said

‘Don’t let this temporary situation make you make permanent decisions.

Don’t let the cold lead you a man just to try and keep warm.

it will end in tears and you might end up with an unwanted pregnancy.’

‘Guardian Angel’s bae is hotter than Kamene,’ – Jalango, Kamene responds

Kamene Goro admitted that she has been a victim as she has been receiving unnecessary calls from her exes asking to catch up.

‘Since the cold started on Sunday, my phone has been blowing up.

Right now I have just received a text from one of my exes  asking me how ‘baridi inanipeleka.

I see such calls and wonder are they high?’

Silly as it might sound what Jalango is saying holds a lot of truth. So before you lower those pants down, ask yourself if you can afford pampers.

If you must, condomize it.

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