Jahmby Koikai has narrated a cab experience in which the driver thanked her for talking about endometriosis as it helped his daughter.

The driver was however pessimistic on whether his daughter would get better.

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Sharing of the incidence through her social media platform, Jahmby shared,

‘I was in a cab last night trying to beat the curfew hours after having a long meeting with a friend.

Cab guy hears my voice and says, huyu ni ule Njambi mmoja?

I say, yes ni ule mmoja since I’m well aware of what direction the convo will take. Last night was different.

This gentleman, shared with me how important it has been for us to speak out on Endometriosis. He has a 17 year old daughter who’s battling this disease.

His voice started to shake as he spoke to me asking if she will ever be ok. I assured him she will be ok.’

Jahmby added that it’s time women do something about helping others who are affected by endometriosis instead of always saying ‘hakuna pesa.’

‘I shared contacts of my doctors with him and asked him to reach out to me.

Then he said to me, maze Jahmby najua hiyo treatment ni expe sana na sina any jo. My heart sank.

I’ve constantly heard the argument that the Women’s Rep office has no budget.

‘My late mum grew up in an orphanage, I have no relatives,’ Mejja opens up

There’s unity of purpose.

How about if all the Women’s Rep got together, drafted a bill that provided further intensive training for our gynecologists to treat Endo here in Kenya?

How about drafting a bill that gives every Kenyan woman access to a proper gynecologist even if it’s twice a year?

How about reaching out to insurance companies to make sure we are not termed a liability by insurance companies? Our Women Reps can do this for us.’


Little girls are suffering, older women past menopause are suffering, young career women are suffering and slowly dying because no one has listened to us.

In this silence, the disease keeps spreading to other parts of the body. Second slide shows you the extremity and severity of Endometriosis.

This is the biggest PANDEMIC in women’s reproductive health. We are menstruating every month and the pain is apocalyptic. The demographic is wide.

Do you know of someone suffering from endometriosis? How has her experience been?

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