Babu Owino vs Jaguar

Jaguar probably still has the afternoon he traded punches with Babu Owino in Parliament etched in his memory. But that isn’t the only fight he has on his mind.

One of the singer cum politician (or is it now politician cum singer?)’s former lovers has come out to accuse him of not only cheating on and disrespecting her but also now picking petty fights with her.

While she did not go into details about what exactly he is doing, it was interesting to see her go at Mheshimiwa Jaguar who most wouldnae deign to piss off given he is now ensconced in power.

This is what she had to say:

“Keep stirring that pot “mheshimiwa”….you can only push me so far …let us talk about how you cheated …let us throw it all the way..let us talk how you cheated on me with magda (had a child)let us talk about how you had another child’ with another ann (stupid ass be more creative)i forgave you.I have been there through thick and thin…but still you want to try me?tell your baby mamas to leave me alone#postanddelete…wazidi kunijaribu…mtalijua jiji,”