Akothee spoke about sleeping with the Starehe Mp. photo credit: Instagram

Starehe MP Charles Njagi or as he is better known to his fans, Jaguar, has a message for all his fans and Kenyans in general: don’t be duped.

The Kigeugeu crooner has announced through his various social media pages that he is not part of some loan app’s campaign to “give thanks by giving out 5,000”.

And thing is, he isn’t the first Kenyan celebrity to have his image and name attached to a scam. Most times what happens is that friends, relatives and unscrupulous random Kenyans cook up schemes to con unsuspecting Kenyans out of their hard earned money.

Actress Barbra Chepkoech Adams came out a while back to blast her cousin for using her brand to swindle.

Actress And Singer Blasts Her Cousin For Being A Con Man Calls Him A Constipated He-Goat And A Hairless Orangutan

Betty Kyallo too had to come out and clear the air on whether disgraced entrepreneur Fadhili Wilkins was her manager. The guy had gone around claiming to be the manager of several Kenyan celebrities including Adelle Onyango and Larry Madowo.

Larry Madowo

Most times the con is simple and targets ignorant individuals but sometimes it is outright diabolical. The scammer angles a photo opportunity with the celebrity after meeting them at an event and even enquires on whether they can exchange contacts so they can work future projects together.

Unbeknownst to the celebrity, all this will be used to convince young and gullible Kenyans of the nature of the friendship between said celebrity and the con artist and they are convinced to invest in the idea. Atleast Jaguar has warned his fans not to fall victim to the scammers.