Prezzo and frenemy Hon. Jaguar are calling out broke rappers. The two for the first time came together to bury their hatchet. They did this after releasing a sizzling hot jam, Timika.

In the song, the two are dissing a rapper that fans have speculated to be King Kaka.

‘Hatuna time now, wanaojiita king na mifuko imetoboka.’ Jaguar sings

In the past, Prezzo and Jaguar have been enemies throwing shade at each other on social media.

‘Kill yourself and die!’ Octopizzo shouts at Khaligraph in new beef (Exclusive)

After burying their differences with this songs, some fans are expressing disappointment with the lyrics with others applauding them for collaborating:

Gily The Don: This song is shoddy…whack…sounds like a rushed over piece of art…mngetake your time mtoe kitu quality

Muindi Njoroge: this is shoddy work……jaguar stick to your lanes…endelea tu na siasa….prezzo endelea na Nairobi diaries

karis john: Kudos to ending the beef and coming tog3ther but tbh the song is not that good..

Elvis Wekesa: Ngoma iko chini ile mbaya you can Do better jamaa.. pay song writters

jamesrobert chege: 😂😂😂 Hii nguvu, pesa na time ya kutoa hii ngoma si mngetumia into other things kama kusaidia wananchi ama development pale starehe.
Kuna underground artists wengi with better talents and songs.

Moseax Vlogs: Tuseme tu ukweli Video ni Kali Sana 🔥🔥🔥🔥 But hii ngoma joh! Mmmmh No!
Congratulations though for Doing something Together. 👏👏👏👏👏

James Ruwa: Ingekua bado mko underground hii ngoma mngeskiza wenyewe.

Dennis Ndegwa: Wasted my 3 minutes that i will Never get Back. Anyway. Good job Guys the song is a Massive Hit on Mute!!

Dennis Ndegwa: Wasted my 3 minutes that i will Never get Back. Anyway. Good job Guys the song is a Massive Hit on Mute!!

Star Boy: This song is a disgrace to Kenya music industry, I disown this kind of shit

Alex Mathenge: This song is a hit. Kwa headphones za Mainswitch pekee!! Watu wawili hawajui kuimba walikutana studio ngoma ikagonga ukuta! Ika hit..

With the two re-uniting, other Kenyan artistes like Octopizzo and Khaligraph are still beefing.

Octo unearthed the beef that had cooled on the song  Noma Ni.

He raps: Niliwapeleka kaburini so, wanajua ni mazishi na kwa hiyo matanga yenu jo huskii tutadishi…Na kama bado una-hate on octopizzo kill yourself and die.”

Khaligraph told that he wasn’t going to respond to the namba nane turf disses:

“Why would I respond to disses right now? People are trying to bring back the beef thing. They should realize that in the past two years, I’ve refrained from that. I was dissing with the guy like three years ago. I 2018 I’m 28 years, I want to do collabos with  the likes of Jay Z, Cassper and AKA. So taking me back to Octo limits my progression.”

King Kaka, Octopizzo and Khaligraph
King Kaka, Octopizzo and Khaligraph

Prezzo and Jaguar’s spanking new collabo is out!