Rapper-turned-politician Jaguar was discharged from hospital on Thurday evening after being treated for a dislocated ankle.

The Starehe MP, whose government name is Charles Njagua, dislocated his right ankle during a scuffle between traders at Marikiti market and city council askaris on Wednesday evening.

The county operators had been looking for hawkers who went to hide in the market. Their arrest of an innocent man led to a deadly confrontation.


Jaguar told Word Is, “I tried to convince the City Council askaris that the young man called Bob that they had arrested was not a hawker but they would not listen to me. This led to a back-and-forth between them and the traders at Marigiti market. Before I knew it an ugly scuffle ensued and chaos took over.”

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Jaguar says he dislocated his ankle when he was jumping over a wall to get away from the rungu-wielding city council askaris, who were chasing away the protesting Marigiti market traders.

The singer, who recently released a single called Timika with his hitherto enemy rapper Prezzo, added that “as an MP of the area, I cannot not fight for my people. I’m calling on the county government and the governor to keep his campaign promise of taking the City Council askaris for retraining, so they can learn how to handle wananchi and not just go around beating up guys and arresting them arbitrarily.”

The Starehe MP added that those traders who were arrested were charged with “dumping and abstraction and yet that is not what really transpired”

Jaguar shared a photo of him exiting the hospital in crutches and a cast on his right leg.

He wrote, “Thanks for the Get well messages, I am recovering well.”

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His fellow celebrity also turned politician Professa Jay also wished him well.

“Pole sana ndugu yangu, Mungu akusimamie Upone Haraka🙏🙏,” Professa Jay wrote.

Kenyans took to social media to wish him a quick recovery.

slymax_africa: Pole sana Mungu you pamoja nawe get well soon

caroline3533: Comes with the territory .. Get well soon Mheshi…

george_ogot: If u r treated that way n u r an M.P . Je Raia?Any way wish u early recovery
anto_kings_Get well soon mhesh

nthenya001: Jaguar, Pole sana. I wore that air walker for a whole 4 months last year. It wasnt funny. Get well soon.

maina8699: Get well soon.. lakny yu shld table a motion raia waache kuhanga e shwa…
sleepydavidMuheshimiwa unafanya kazi vyema.

estellechacha: Get well soon. I was once in that orthopaedic boot. Life was not easy walking around.

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