A planned live Instagram session by Tansha Donna proved that there is no bad blood between her and Tanzanian damsel Jacqueline Wolper.

This was proven by Wolper joining the Live session band and Tanasha publicly thanking her for it.

Thanks so much for joining my live ya’ll The love and traction was amazing!

Am really sorry about the disruptions because of connection problems.

Even when I connected to my 4G i Had to keep ending & restarting the session.

Also had sound problems and troubles connecting to my friends on live.

Irn still not sure if this problem was with my phone or with @instagram. Anyone who may know why this is happening, kindly comment below? HUGE THANK YOU TO @ericomondi , @wolperstylish @stanleyenow, , @victoriakimani , @willgittens , @_chokuu for joining me !! Was meant to connect with others but had too many issues with my live, but rest assured I’m doing this again next week. I have a little surprise waiting by then.

Below is a comment from Wolper who showed her support to Tanasha Donna despite theĀ  drama going on with her Tanzanian counterparts.

Kenyans were awed by her maturity and we wish everyone would behave that way.

If only Diamond could borrow an ounce of Wolper’s maturity, tungekua mbali Sana.