The Mengis

Former Miss Tanzania Jacqueline Mengi was married to Tanzanian businessman and billionaire Reginald Mengi, who died last year.

The two had tied the knot in 2015 in a posh yet private ceremony that was only attended by family, close friends and bigwigs in the business world.

Jacque, 41, was recently answering fans’ question and the issue of whether she will get married again arose and she neither confirmed nor denied it.

“I don’t know I will see what God has planned for me”

The late Reginald Mengi and his wife Jacquline

In May, while paying tribute to her husband, Jacque assured him that she was going to keep his legacy.

My love,not a day passes without a thought of you. I thank God for your life,for the opportunity to love and be loved by you. I and the kids miss you terribly. We shall try our best to preserve your legacy and continue to support those in need. I know that would’ve made you smile. Continue to Rest In Peace mpenzi wangu.❤️

While advising young people on who to marry, Jacque urged them to look at character and the heart

Dear young men and women,when choosing a potential husband or wife you must pick someone who if it’s a husband he’s the kind of husband whom you’d want your son to look up to and not only look like! And the same with a wife, the kind of woman who you’d like your daughter to be like in terms of character and behavior. Choose well and remember while looks are important, they’re not everything. A good heart, a great character, and intelligence goes a long way.



Reginald Mengi and his family

Brother-in-law from hell! Reginald Mengi’s wife narrates her frustration with hubby’s family

After his death, Reginald Mengi’s younger brother and other family members took legal action on the property that Jacqueline Mengi had been left by her hubby.

The beauty queen was once upon a time a singer who released the hit ‘Crazy Over You’ among others.