Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

After Dennis Itumbi’s mockery of the rumours that Jacque Maribe is pregnant, the sister, Cate, has spoken out.

Cate Maribe has also chimed in on the pregnancy news. This comes after Denis invited his boys to a ‘Babe shower’ tonight at Cahoots.

Jacque’s babe shower. BYOB, If You Know You Know. Saturday 22nd June 2019 6.00pm till late

Jacque Maribe and Dennies Itumbi
Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi

Later when we called him for a comment Itumbi said,

“She is 16 months pregnant,” Dennis Itumbi told Mpasho.co.ke on phone.

“Kwisha hiyo maneno, she is 16 months pregnant. The only response I’m giving is that she is 16 months pregnant. Wewe fanya hiyo maneno ya interpretation.”

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Dennis Itumbi mocks Jacque Maribe’s ‘pregnancy’! Speaks about it

Cate responded to the story of the abe’s shower taking place later today.

Jacque Maribe babe Shower invite
Jacque Maribe in a past pregnancy photo shoot

She laughed off the pregnancy stories saying, “Vile Kiki (her daughter) amechekeshwa na story ya Cahoots bar…Boredom is real.”

Besides that, Cate who is Jacque’s older sister showed off her engagement ring on social media.

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Meanwhile, Jacque Maribe has deleted all the photos she had of herself and Jowie from her Instagram account.

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