Maribe and Itumbi

Media personality Jacque Maribe has penned a sweet message to his best friend Dennis Itumbi, who’s celebrating his birthday today.

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Maribe and Itumbi have been best friends for so long and have always supported each other through thick and thin.

Dear @dennisitumbi,

No poetry today,

No review of the year that’s been,
No promises for the future that is,
Just appreciation, heartfelt, for a friendship that stands pure and true.

Happy birthday my bestie @dennisitumbi here’s to many, many more,’ read Jacque’s message.

Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi
Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi

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Itumbi, on the other hand, shared a letter to him from an unknown person, asking when he was going to settle down. Below is the letter, go through

“Happy Birthday.

Life has been a story with chapters that keep making the unwritten book more interesting, sometimes less poetic, but constantly assuring.

There are many stories that you have shared, many things you have tried, many ideas that have been abandoned, but most importantly the little things that have changed a few lives – as many as you could touch.

Of course you remember the first day you bought a suit in Gikomba – a brown suit that cost 600 bob.

Okay it was not quite a suit, it was a brown trouser and a matching brown Coat.

You remember the day you moved from Mbotela to Kawangware, a two bedroomed House was such an achievement, never mind you only had a mattress and a stove.

Or did you enjoy the move from Mukuru to Mbotela more?

Dennis, remember that first day when you first bought your first Sofa? Remember you bought a five seater for 10k? Do you remember you paid for it in three instalments? Always remember such moments and do not forget where you have come from.

You recall those days as a street actor, especially that play you played Devil and wore a scary mask at Kithimu market- Remember how people literally beat you up believing you were a real devil?

Remember, as a correspondent when coffee managers at Kangaru tricked you into a function and trained blows on you till @Martin Gitau came to save you?

There is that story that you choose to forget, I think intentionally – remember the first time you ever dated? Remember her name? You remember what you told her and what she said in return as you chased her on?

I loved the part when walking with her through arboretum, reciting poems about nature, taking leaves along the way and using words to convince her that the leaves were the little hands of God’s breath.

The Jokes you shared with her and the way the two of you laughed together – by the way do you date these days?

You know you need to get married, miaka inasonga….I am serious. Surely you are not so busy to miss a moment to settle. There life beyond the fast lane of siasa.

All these years you are yet to start drinking alcohol, well I reserve my comments, when you start remember to ask for a full bottle of your favourite whisky on my bill. For now though pewa crate ya soda.

Like Paul, your favourite author you have fixed your eyes on the prize and you keep running the race, but let me ask where is the race heading to?

In other words what is your plan? You can inbox me. Planning to join politics? I heard you tell someone the other day, you have a silent plan. Really?

I cannot put it all in writing, but let me ask you, what time do you sleep? Is Propaganda and lies that difficult to craft?

When will you play the La Mada Video? I heard you say you have two more videos from La Mada. Don’t you fear for your life?

Pull back bro. Avoid controversy, how can you have 2,000 bloggers in Naivasha all being paid Shs. 527?

Why would someone like you born in Mukumu hospital in Western, with an ancestry in Mutomo Kitui, shaped by Gichugu, educated by Embu and Meru be so naive as to believe a Hustler will be President?

I know you say, WsR is a politician with Humanity and a soul. That he has a story you can relate to, but is that why you so strongly believe in him?

How much does he pay you? By the way why have you never denied that accusation? It must be true.

I can write much more but I will end it there.


Lsten let me tell you what you should do this year

1. Write a book or compile Pastor’s Moment into a book

2. Get Married. Wacha Philosophy

3. Go dance, take road trips, join a poetry club do the easy.

4. Creative Economy needs a voice. Donate yours.

5. Reply more inbox messages

6. Be a stronger Hustler Nation member

7. Be in Mashinani more…( Especially pale Gichugu)

8. Share more poems, play the piano, have light moments too…

9. In the pursuit of happiness should be your mantra…

10. System Ya Facts needs to grow to a Website. Maybe an App.

Look Man, life is for the living – please make sure you live. Do not spend your time postponing life.

My teacher taught me to end letters positively, so I leave you with the words of….

Jeremiah 1.19, ” They will fight you, but they will fail. For I am with you, and I will take care of you. I, the LORD, have spoken!”

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