Shix Kapienga in court
Shix Kapienga in court

Jacque Maribe’s family and friends are celebrating after she was released on 1 million shillings cash bail.

The mother of one and her fiance Jowie have been in remand since September 2018 after they were arrested.

Granting bail to Maribe, the judge considered several factors, key among them the need for her to go home and care for her four-year-old son given that should she be found guilty, she will be facing the death sentence. Secondly, the judge noted that although she was arrested 10 days after the murder of Monica Kimani, the journalist did not in any way try to interfere with evidence or witnesses.

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Jacque Maribe released on 1 million cash bail

However, he directed that she stops anchoring the news on Citizen TV pending the conclusion of her case. Other bail terms include:

Jacque Maribe must not make contact with any of the prosecution witnesses.

She shall not have a TV discussion relating to Monica Kimani’s death

Barred from going back to her house in Lang’ata 

Well, friends of Jacque Maribe have come out to celebrate her release and below are some of their messages.

Senior Citizen TV political reporter Steve Letoo wrote;

@jacquemaribe Finally the Ghosts of bad luck are off your back – Glory be to God. This is your golden moment to reflect what you have gone through, the agony and deep pain, away from your son Zahari who no one can explain to him why you have been away.. For us today you have conquered the evil like David and the Goliath. We continue to keep you in prayers and hope that the God you worship every single day will not let you down.

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Hot 96 presenter Shix Kapienga wrote;

Dear God, Thank you

Shix Kapienga

Kenyans took to social media to also celebrate Maribe’s  release:

Polly Githae To God be the glory she finally gets to reunite with the son and the family with God all things are possible.

Annie Mungai Am happy for her we really prayed for her case

Pretty Maggie: Watu Wa side ya maribe tupatane 10/10 am really happy for her

James Ndiga: Jacque Maribe your first stop should be at Dennis Itumbis place atleast for a week or so, don’t ask me to do what, cooking for him is enough …that’s the only true friend you have plus your Dad and citizen TV

Edwin Mogambi This lady was only guilty of love!

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Anthonio Rodriguez God is good…I really was praying that she be released…. Her only fault was falling in love with the wrong guy…

Alvine Kop Lumwaji I thank the court ,I really missed maribe on the screen,may the good Lord stand for her .pole my sister hiyo ndo maisha,take it like a stepping stone pray always n always remember those who wished you bad in your prayers.

Gerald David Glory to God in the highest. Hallelujah, hallelujah ,hallelujah,amen. God has answered the prayer of many of us. Thank-you God