Jacque Maribe

Every colour sends a message and is said to be psychologically effective. Recently Jacque has been seen with green and yellow while attending a court hearing.

Yellow which she wore on 17th October in the court is a representation of being optimistic, confident, emotional and strong.

Jacque Maribe and Joe Irungui

Previously, she stepped out with a green skirt suit which is a sign of restoration, reassurance and balance. However, it is good to stick to conservative colours such as black and white.

Women are advised not to dress to distract, this might lead into thinking that think that you are not taking the court proceedings seriously.

Like Maribe, you can wear either a suit, dress, or a skirt and an appropriate top. Do not wear clothes that show skin.

Wear no or less make-up and do not show up with expensive jewelry

Urembo galore! This is the very beautiful TV anchor who attended Jacque Maribe’s hearing


Well, below is a list of things not to wear in court for the first time in a court-room:







Too much perfume

Sandals and Open

Large earrings, neckpieces and bracelets

Also cover tattoos