Dennis Itumbi and jacque Maribe

Jacque Maribe spoke about her now-viral hot steamy kiss with Dennis Itumbi.

The lovely and curvaceous Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe was in the Kiss FM studio back on August 1, 2016, when she spoke to the then Kiss Drive co-hosts Jeff Mote and Chipukeezy.

Jacque said, “Dennis Is a very good friend of mine. Very, very good friend of mine.”

Jeff Mote then asks Jacque, “Is he your boyfriend?”

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Dennis Itumbi
Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe in the past

Jacque responds, “Never has been. Hata hatujafikiria by the way. Actually, you guys give us those ideas. They are not good Ideas. We are friends.”

She added, “This is the first time I’m talking about it. I always ignore it. It was a joke. It was a joke that went too far. One of our friends decided apige tuu picha when discussing a totally different situation and yeah… that happened.”

Jacque continued, “In a span of 5 minutes, it was in every other WhatsApp group. It took a life of its own. Someone from Mpasho sent a text from someone there and asked, ‘So how long has this been going on?'”

She laughed off the rumours saying, “I hear he has been to my folks shags, amepeleka mbuzi ha hata sijui.”

Listen to her interview here.