Jacque Maribe and Jowie at Milimani court
Jacque Maribe and Jowie at Milimani court

Citizen Tv’s Jacque Maribe has been released on 1 million shillings bail.

The mother of one, who has been in remand since September, today appeared before Justice James Wakiaga at the Milimani law courts.

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Jacque and her fiance Joseph Irungu aka Jowie were accompanied by their lawyers.

The judge felt that a cash bond of Kshs 2 million will be reasonable with one surety of a similar amount or 1 million Kshs bail with two sureties of a similar amount.

Justice James Wakiaga felt limited restriction is necessary and justifiable: the accused shall not read news or comment on any matter about this case. She cannot interview anyone related to the case. This order is subject to review from the court from time to time.

Jowie was denied bail.

Jacque’s best friend Dennis Itumbi who was also present in court today has been very supportive to her. In a lengthy post he shared on social media, he said that if Maribe is granted bail will commit herself to help other remandees who are locked up because they were unable to afford to pay for the bail.

May she get bail so that like she told me yesterday she can try and end the pain of tens of remandees who are locked up for years because they could not afford bail amounts ranging from sh3000 to Sh10,000.

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