The former lovers were adorned in blue

Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu appeared in court yesterday. The two are the prime suspects in the murder of Monica Kimani that took place in September last year.

Monica Kimani
The late Monica Kimani

They appeared in court yesterday and both were resplendent in blue, Jacque in a light blue blazer and patterned blouse while her ex was wearing a navy blue suit.

Maribe wearing blue

Is there any significance in what they wore? According to Faber Birren, an expert on colours who has written over 2 dozen books on them, colours express a lot about people.

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In his books, he explains that he believes that almost 85% of communication is non-verbal, meaning one can make a fairly accurate judgment about the “meaning of clothing colours choices and the subsequent revelations of personality they make”.

Maribe wearing a blue suit

So what does the colour blue mean according to the experts? According to

Blue and gray hues are your loyalty and dependability colors. They’re great for traveling and are part of the “do everything” color family. The colours also convey a good work ethic.

Another site, adds that:

Blue colours induce tranquility and relaxation. This feeling of tranquility can be conducive for creativity. Research conducted by the University of British Columbia found ‘that because people associate blue with openness and peace, they feel safer exploring their ideas when they’re surrounded by the calming color.’

The former lovers were adorned in blue

Another site, indicates that;

Blue is a recommended colour by fashion consultants when going to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. Studies have shown that weightlifters are able to handle heavier weights in blue gyms.

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