Murder suspect Jowie Irungu and his wife Eleanor Musangi were in the studio with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni.

Jowie is promoting his new single Nishikile. Speaking about his single, Jowie said he is “a conscious musician. I started out by releasing a song that involves god as a thanksgiving.”

Adding, “Musiniweke kwa gospel industry because that wale wako huko…I’m not a judge but again.”

The couple who have left netizens wagging their tongues about how and when they met, were put to task to give a timeline on their relationship.

Massawe asked Eleanor how she felt when Jowie proposed to Jacque Maribe.

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Jowie proposing to Jacque Maribe
During their engagement

She said,

“I was cool,” Eleanor added, “Jowie was not with me when he was with Jacque. I was not a threat to Jacque and she is not a threat to me. Our relationship is divine.”

Asked if he keeps in touch with his ex-fiance, Maribe.

“I believe business ya Jacque is not my business actually subscribe, like and share her posts. I have nothing against her. I don’t keep in touch with her, I use Ella’s phone, my sim card has only 15 people. I love being alone.”

Would you still be together with her?

“I don’t think so. It is God’s will.”

Massawe asked, Elleanor if she has forgiven Jowie for engaging Maribe and coming back to her?

“I forgave him…there was nothing to forgive I was not there in Jacque’s era. Apart from being the wife I’m his manager and our relationship is rooted in serving God.”

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Adding that working with Jowie is not easy.

“Every day I resign and every day I rehire myself. Away from the public eye people don’t know who Jowie is, he is a comedian, a side that people don’t know.

Asked about their daughter’s age Jowie said,

“Ako an miaka mingi. we cannot comment further.”

Jowie told Massawe that he was given the nickname of Simba in Kamiti Maximum Prison.

“That is a name I was given in Sobibo they called me a simba, i have no idea why.


Asked how he made his living and if he was a gigolo, Jowie responded,

“I was in service .military and that is how I was making my living again I will not judge anyone of tell them not to say anything at the end of the day I know myself. and Gosd’s grace has been sufficient those who were saying I was a kept man than I’m grateful nilikua nimewekwa. “

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