Jacque and Jowie
L-R: Dennis Itumbi, Jacque Maribe and Jowie in court

Blogger Dennis Itumbi has once again been forced to clearly state his relationship with journalist Jacque Maribe.

Dennis Itumbi

Itumbi, who proved to be a friend indeed to the mother of one during her difficult times shared crucial information about Maribe’s ongoing case.

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He even stated that she was given her car back.

Maribe car

Jacque Maribe car
Jacque Maribe’s car being tested

Itumbi wrote:

‘Jacque Maribe has her Car back.


None of the Prosecution witnesses places the car in the scene of crime.

In fact, the only car that allegedly came into Lemuria Gardens with a man in a white Kanzu was a taxi.

Media Narratives. Vigilante Justice. Pitchfork protest.

But since my friend Jacque Maribe, was prosecuted in public by DCI and Prosecutors, I will ensure that each detail in the Open and Public Court enjoys the same publicity on my space.

We must ensure that as we pursue Justice we do not soak the reputation of Innocent people in permanent Mud.

My prayer remains that Monica’s parents and family gets Justice and closure. That Jacque and Jowie too – get Justice.

It is scripture that records that…” You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free and after you are free, you shall be free indeed!”

NB: I will reproduce word for word with necessary protections what the witnesses told investigators and the court. A complete departure from what you think is the truth.’

Jacque Maribe car

Dennis Itumbi’s post ignited mixed reactions with a section of his fans telling him that he has ‘failed’ the boy child. He would have married Maribe by now.

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One Bonphas Oketch Kanyango commented on his post, claiming that he has been doing a lot for Maribe but she still ‘dumped him’.

The vocal Twitter big wig responded saying they are just friends and have no romantic ties.

With all these efforts Maribe still dumped Dennis Itumbi for Jowi. Sincerely what pleases ladies remains a puzzle. But I love your fighting spirit.

Itumbi responded saying:

@Bonphas Oketch Kanyango mimi na Maribe Tuko Friend’s Zone since we met and we love it there. We shall remain there happily.

Another fan Larry George wrote:

Its seems Maribe made you insane unfortunately she belongs to Jowie.

Itumbi again responded insisting that they’re just pals.

@Larry George to who she loves no issues. She reserves the right to love and hold. She remains my friend through it all.

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Other reactions to Dennis’s post include:

Kamasasa Amos Ephraim Omwami Dennis Itumbi, we moved on. We are now handling issues like Ruto occupying opposition benches after 2022, Jubilee’s thieving vices and Uhuru issuing lame threats. Hiyo ya Maribe tumewachia wewe na Jowi – family affair.

Kenfish Peter You’ll not incite people against the DCI and the judiciary and walk into the next government. Better go slow on this one, power is an illusion

Denis Mutugi Dennis Itumbi impregnate this lady or unifanyie connections kwake

Austine Steve Oduor The fact that dem alikukataa or akukatae does not mean you cannot stand by them when they are in Trouble and in this murder case sometimes you just have to accept and move on but not to decline to help them when in need

Stephen Muiruri So you expect us to believe your partisan narrative? Would you even own up if your sweetheart Maribe was the actual killer? No. What we know is she wasn’t charged for being the actual killer but an accessory to murder. You can prosecute the case on Facebook or anywhere else you feel like, but it’s the verdict of the court that shall stand – an acquittal or conviction.

Rachael Muthoni Itumbi you’re a true friend to Jacque. God bless you.