Jacque Maribe
The former citizen TV reporter showing off her engagement ring

Media personality Jacque Maribe has turned down an offer from a lawyer who has promised to get her back on TV.

After a bail hearing that lasted 4 hours, Justice James Wakiaga has thrown the spanner in the works by postponing the ruling of the bail hearing.

TV news anchor Jacque Maribe and her fiancé, Joseph Irungu will remain in custody until Tuesday (October 30) when the court will rule on their bail application.

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Jacque Maribe and JowieThe court will also rule whether she will be able to anchor news if released on bond.

“My Lord all we are saying that being a media personality, there is a high possibility that while mingling with the members of the public, she can likely take advantage to influence the witnesses,” the counsel said.

Judge Wakiaga said he needed time to deliberate on the submissions made by the prosecution and defense lawyers.

In the next sitting, Justice Wakiaga ruled that the prosecution could not convince the court that Maribe would use her influence to intimidate witnesses.

Since then, Jacque has quit her job on TV citing “personal reasons” and is now rebranding herself.
You can now book Jacque for various gigs involving MCing, hosting events or being an influencer.
However, it seems like she has plans of getting back on TV after she turned down the lawyer.


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Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

The overzealous lawman who is identified as Wycliffe Anyona Marangeti.

“Maribe I’m a lawyer, could I have the order restraining you from live TV revised at no fee? DM,” Wycliffe wrote.

Jacque maribe

Jacque responded saying:

“We will be back.”


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