Maribe and Jowie Irungu in court

Both Jacque Maribe and Jowie clad in dark blue sat in court awaiting a verdict for close to two hours. They looked anxious and hopeful despite facing a murder charge which carries the death sentence.

An hour later, a loud scream was heard in the courtroom as a mother was overwhelmed following the denial of bail for her son Joseph Irungu. Irungu and fiance TV journalist Jacque Maribe are standing trial for the murder of Monica Kimani.

Irungu lifted his head up to catch a glimpse of his mother in the packed court, but she was escorted out by officers.

Judge James Wakiaga declined to release Irungu on bail saying he might abscond or interfere with witnesses given the reasons placed before court by the prosecution.

He described Irungu as the male version of a slay queen and described him as a ‘woman eater’ with no fixed aboard and no known job.

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Irungu had indicated that his siblings will get him an alternative accommodation, but presented no tangible evidence to show that is the case, the judge said. The judge said;

The accused has no known asset in the country save for an intention to set up a security firm. I find him with no fixed aboard, lacking any family ties in the country and likely to abscond should the need arise. The mere fact that he is willing to surrender his passport is no guarantee that he cannot leave the country if he wishes.

Stop anchoring

According to Justice Wakiaga, Irungu was positively placed at the scene of crime and he might be known to the witnesses and is likely to interfere with them though this fact is subject to being proved before court.

Jacque Maribe

The judge took judicial notice of photos of Irungu circulated on social media which he said have portrayed the man as a lover of guns with access to firearms having acted as private security for different individuals. He said there is a real fear that he will intimidate the witnesses. Also considered by the judge is the claim Irungu burnt clothes he was wearing on the day the murder took place.

In the same court, another family – that of Maribe – celebrated her release.

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Granting bail to Maribe, the judge considered several factors, key among them the need for her to go home and care for her four-year-old son given that should she be found guilty, she will be facing the death sentence. Secondly, the judge noted that although she was arrested 10 days after the murder of Monica Kimani, the journalist did not in any way try to interfere with evidence or witnesses.

Thirdly, he said, Maribe has not used her media influence nor her influential friends to interfere with her prosecution and seems to have a fixed aboard plus a strong family support which will ensure she attends trial.

He allowed Maribe to be released on Sh1 million cash bail with three sureties with an alternative of Sh2 million bond and two sureties.

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However he directed that she stops anchoring news on TV pending the conclusion of her case.

Other Maribe’s bail terms include:

Jacque Maribe must not make contact with any of the prosecution witnesses.

She shall not have a TV discussion relating to Monica Kimani’s death

Barred from going back to her house in Lang’ata 


Credits: The Star