Jacque Maribe and Joe Irungu
Jacque with her fiance

Joe Irungu is in a world of hurt, both in spirit and physically. He was shot as you well might know on his left shoulder and he is still recuperating.

Joseph Kuria Irungu
Joseph Kuria Irungu aka Jowi

The reasons for his troubles started last week when Monica Kimani was found murdered in her apartment in Kilimani.

The homicide was sordid because of the manner in which the victim, Monica was found. She was found in her bathtub with her hands bound behind her back and her neck slit!

Monica Kimani
Monica Kimani

I don’t even want to imagine the shock her brother, George Thiru Kimani must have had when he broke into her apartment only to find his sister dead and the scent of iron heavy in the air.

And he must have wondered what type of an animal could have done this to his lovely sibling?

Monica Kimani
Monica Kimani

And lo and behold! He would not even wait for more than a week as police arrested prime suspect Joe ‘Jowie’ Irungu for her murder.

While he may be in adulation about the news that his sisters killer might have been caught, another camp is not so enthralled.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque smiling

That of Jacque Maribe. When we called one of Jacque’s close friends about the appalling news, the source was stupefied by the news.

The anonymous source said:

He loved her. That is what we know.

Was it ‘like’ or ‘love’? The source clarified:

He loved her. 

Jacque Maribe
With her fiance

The source added:

As a friend, I have hung out with both of them, they were a Regular great couple that loved each other.

What did the source think about the drama that had now ensued?

Whatever has happened now is a shock to everyone. We hope against hope… We hope for the best.

Did the source think that Joe was capable of doing such an atrocious thing? The source simply replied in the negative.

Jacque Maribe
In happier times

The source explained:

Not that I can out and say. It is such a shock.

Does the source see the relationship staying intact were Joe to be declared innocent, the source said they did not have a satisfactory answer? 

Jacque Maribe's fiance Joe
Jacque Maribe’s fiance Joe

The sources parting shot was:

Jacque has been my friend for a very long time. She is an amazing girl and we are hoping for the best. This is a man that she was supposed to marry. So, if anybody knew that this was something he was close to doing, then I don’t think any of her friends would have let it happen.

Jowie in the mind of the source was the consummate fiance.

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