Media personality Jacque Maribe celebrated her birthday party in style.

Together with her BFF Chemutai Goin and Angela Cheror, Jacque hit the night club for a night of fun.

Jacque wrote on her Instagram story saying,

“About to usher in this birthday with BFF,” adding, “Birthday with girls.”

This comes years after Jacque set friendship goals with her girls, Terryanne Chebet, Shix Kapienga, Monicah Kiragu and Kirigo Ngarua.

TerryAnne Chebet
L-R: Monica Kiragu, Kirigo Ngarua, Amani, Shix Kapienga, Jacque Maribe and TerryAnne Chebet

If you missed that, check out how she spent her birthday a few years back with her girls.

Squad goals! These photos of Jacque Maribe and her best friends will have you dying of envy

It now seems like Jacque has changed friends. Here is her squad now.

What is contraband? Was Jowie caught with this?

What caught the attention of many was a mystery man who was filmed kissing Jacque’s cheeks and dancing with her last night.

Check out the video of her party last night.

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