Jacque Maribe and Joe Irungu
Jacque with her fiance

Jacque Maribe is the talk of the town and most likely will be for the whole of this coming week. Some might be wondering why such a case would fascinate local wananchi. 

Why is this case any different from that of Okoth Obado?

Okoth Obado
Okoth Obado

Why are the media and Kenyans in particular so awed by her case?

Jacque Maribe

For one, she isn’t a politician.



We have come to expect a certain moral decadence with holders of our highest political offices.

Okoth fits the bill to a tee and so his presumed actions as regards to Sharon, while horrific, can be swept under the rag and waved off as bad politics.

Sharon Otieno, Okoth Obado
Okoth Obado accused of killing Sharon Otieno

And yes, I know, that previous comment was flippant but do our politicians inspire any thoughts of honour and pride in you?


I thought so too.

So why is Jacque different? I have some simple theories.

They are:

We ascribe virtue to journalists and those we see on screens daily

In the absence of our politicians filling this void, journalists have taken over that role. We look to them for direction and morals that we would ourselves want to have.

Jacque Maribe

An uprightness that we would like to see our leaders in politics and religion have but are severely lacking in.

So when we see people that we have raised up into this imagined positions of virtue and are irreproachable like Jacque, who then find themselves in such a diabolical mess, we get astounded.

Citizen TV's Jaque Maribe
Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe with her father at Kilimani police station

We are bored of the daily corruption and taxes

What new corruption scandal will break this week? They are always popping up. Or which new tax has the government put in this new week to mess its citizenry up?

Jacque Maribe

That is the type of thought pattern that many have. So when Kenyans can have an escape valve, be it in Jacque Maribe and her troubles, then we take it.


Wikipedia explains this terminology as the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.

Jacque Maribe
On her way to court

This term fits what Jacque is going through at the moment. There are many, including some of you reading this article right now who don’t really care about Jacque. They are enjoying her suffering. Not me! Yes, you! Wacha ku deny!

The rich also cry

Self-explanatory. Ama?

Jacque Maribe
Maribe crying

Or maybe all these theories are shit and Kenyans are just too lazy to read a book?

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