Citizen TV presenter Jacque Maribe is spending nights behind bars. It’s been a tough week for her, family, friends and colleagues.


We’ve seen a handful media personalities come out in her support and her followers are still eagerly waiting to see if other friends will come out and give their two cents on her case.

Maribe’s fiance Jowie, is the main suspect in the murder of slain businesswoman Monica Kimani and the TV presenter was also arrested so as to aid the police in investigating the matter. yesterday, she revealed the whole truth about her lover and she might be freed soon.

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Well, while Maribe continues to spend nights in police cells, TV and radio presenter Jeff Koinange is out here living the life. Recently he was busy chilling with socialite Huddah Monroe.

The presenter who is known for his love for cigars shared pics and videos puffing on the finest cigars online.

Huddah Monroe

Jeff Koinange and Huddah Monroe
Jeff Koinange and Huddah Monroe smoking cigars

Huddah Monroe

The photos caused a stir online with a section of his followers lashing out at him. Reactions include:

Bapti jeff nice job, am waiting 4 “pregnant with Huddah”

Charonyi: Jeff Koinange no wonder anapenda kusema “smoooooking” now you know the definition 😂😂😂😂😂 @KoinangeJeff you’re the best

Kiruti: Jeff Koinange and Huddah smoking cigars. 2018 has been wild year. Who is choosing these random moments? You’re good

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Maccos Cyrus: How does Jeff Koinange survive smoking with all the oil in his head that’s more than Ngamia 1 well…. haogopi kuchomeka?

Tracywaithira: You owe nobody an apology! Age is just a number

Musaukate: Enjoy life Jeff it’s your life and your money