Talk about a blessing in disguise.

Remember Jackline Mwende, whose hands were cut off by her husband last year in a domestic row following claims that she was infertile…?

The Machakos-based resident is currently expectant, and the blessings keep coming. Jackline has been handed a new lease of life, and is now the proud owner of a house, plus a fully stocked mini-mart to help boost her family income.


Her story captured national attention, after pictures of her mutilated hands emerged online, prompting outcry from Kenyans.

Well-wishers and others came together to contribute towards her medical expenses. She now has fully fitted prosthetic limbs to assist her in regaining functionality.


The house built for her by a German pharmaceutical organization will serve as her home and the home of her unborn child as she is currently expecting.

Mwende who has since the incident moved on, clarified that in as much as the experience was painful, she has since forgiven her husband but he should face the full wrath of the law.

Jackline will also be a beneficiary of a monthly stipend of Sh 25,000 from the same organization.

Stephen Ngila, her husband who is out on bond is facing murder charges with the hearing set to continue on the 27th this month.