Jackline Mwende

Jackline Mwende, who hogged headlines in 2016  after her limbs were chopped off by her husband because she was barren, is a happy woman.

The 29-year-old lady from Machakos county left many sympathizing with her and she received aid from different people among them Governor Mutua’s wife, who told the press last year that Mwende would be provided with a housekeeper paid for by the county government of Machakos for a period of one year and get free medical care including counselling until she is fully recovered.

“We are touched by her situation and condemn this beastly act,” Lilian said, adding that a monthly stipend of Ksh.30,000 will be given to the victim, also for one year.

Mwende also received a house from a German pharmaceutical organization

jackline mwende

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The lady got pregnant by another man and gave birth through a successful Caesarean section. Mwende’s son is all grow and photos of the young boy have surfaced. 

Dr. Rasha, CEO of Merck Foundation Germany shared pics of Jackline and her son on Twitter and wrote:

Jackline from Kenya had her hands hacked off – not by thieves but by her own husband for failing to conceive, even though he was the one with fertility problems. ‘This is the highlight of my life to be able to give Jackline a new happier life’ ~ Dr. Rasha, CEO of Merck Foundation

Here is the photo

In another post she wrote:

I met Jackline & her son Zawadi for the first time today. Drove three hours out of Nairobi. She is happier & stronger, we sat in her living room & chatted. I am proud that Merck foundation gave me the opportunity to help Jackline. Stay tuned.

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