Jackie Chandiru

Ugandan songstress Jackie Chandiru has in the past talked about how she got addicted to pethidine a prescribed pain killer.

What many do not know is that she got addicted despite being warned by her doctor.

‘I got a back injury and I was told I had to go through an operation.

The problem that the survival rate was 50/50. If anything was to happen to me I could not blame the hospital as they had already warned me.

If it did not go well, I could not be able to perform despite the fact that I am an artiste.’

‘It was tainting his Image’ Jackie Chandiru talks on how drug addiction broke her marriage to a diplomat

She added,

‘As I kept procrastinating, the doctor gave me the option of pain killers.

But he warned me that they were very strong and very addictive.

By the time I got to realize it, I was addicted.

I was able to do 6 shows after taking the meds, I suffer from insomnia and when I started taking the pain killers I realized I could sleep.

I continued taking them. I have not taken the painkillers for an year’.

The addiction cost Jackie her marriage but she has since stopped taking the pain killers.

Her advice to people out there is,

‘If there is something you can’t live without that is an addiction. But there is no addiction that one can’t overcome.’

After years of slavery to drug addiction, Jackie has now made a comeback.

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