Lesbian pastor Jacinta Nzilani Kilonzo has revealed her attraction to women began when she was a teenager – at 16 years.

Jacinta shot to the spotlight last Friday as LGBT supporters flocked to court in anticipation of a ruling on whether homosexuality would be decriminalised. The ruling was, however, postponed to May 24 after the judge said there were some hitches.

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Jacinta confessed that her attraction to women made her want to become a sister and she enrolled in a missionary programme in Machakos, only to drop out after a pastor sexually assaulted her.

She said, ‘Nilitaka kuwa sista sana na nilipatana na mtumishi mmoja wa kanisa katoliki aliyenisaidia kua  sista. Baada ya mda, tulienda misheni na mchungaji alianza kunishika matiti. Alikuwa anataka uhusiano wa kimapenzi. Nilitoroka misheni na nilirudi nyumbani.’

This translates to:

i really wanted to become a sister and a priest helped me join a mission. during one mission, the priest started touching my breasts and he wanted to have sex with me. i fled from the mission and returned home 

The mother of three was later forced by her parents to get married in 1983 when she was 18.

Jacinta said she had issues in her marriage which were caused by her not wanting to sleep with her husband because making love was not voluntary.

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Jacinta said, ‘Nikiwa katika ndoa sikuwa nataka mume wangu anikaribie hata kidogo. Hata wakati wa kufanya ngono tulikuwa tunasumbuana sana kabla nikubali.’

This translates to:

while i was married, i did not want my husband to get close to me. it took time before i agreed to make love with him because we tussled constantly

Her husband fell ill in 2008 and later died from liver cancer. After his burial, there were wrangles between her and the in-laws.

Jacinta said her late husband’s family rejected her, took her inheritance and that of her children.

my in laws did did not want to associate with me anymore.they wanted me to leave,took my whole inheritance and left me with nothing.

Jacinta claims her in-laws mistreated her and her children to the point where her son got depressed. She said,

all this affected my family; mostly my children. my son got depressed and was under mental care at Mathare for a while

Three years later, Jacinta decided to start a women’s empowerment programme. They conducted meetings and would discuss harassment and how to deal with it.

That is where she met a fellow woman pastor whom she was attracted to.

When asked if she thinks her lesbian relationship is godly, Jacinta was quick to quote John 3:16 saying God’s love had no barrier because he loved everyone, equally.

Jacinta stated that she is the man in their relationship. She said,

mimi ndio mume, mimi ndio kusema

we kiss each other and make love just like any other couple in a relationship do


Jacinta said she has been dating the woman for almost a year.

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