Ivy Wangeci Moi student

Neighbours and church members of Makongeni community in Thika, have defended Ivy Wangeci, saying she wasn’t in a relationship with her killer.

Ivy and Naftali Kinuthia were childhood friends and many don’t understand why he killed the sixth year student at Moi University.

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In an interview with Citizen, Ivy’s neighbours recalled the quiet, reserved and jovial woman she was.

She was a disciplined young girl, who was always serious with her work. This is a great loss. Bearing the fact that the family had great hopes in her and even the community. 


people should not believe what they are seeing on social media.

Alliance Girls High School alumni described her as a girl who loved spending her time in church.

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According to the church leaders, Ivy had promised to attend a seminar this April to mentor young girls. Lilian Mwangi, a Sunday school teacher at PCEA Makongeni, Thika said:

Alikuwa mtoto Mtiifu na alikuwa anfuatilia mambo ya kanisa. Kwa activities zote za church.

Wangechi was brought up in church and the chaplain of her church said;

Ivy was a team player. She could interact with the other young people around here.

Another neighbour showered her with praises saying;

She was a good person. Her death is still a shock to us.

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