Ivy Wangeci student

Ivy Wangechi’s mother,Winfred Waithera, has spoken out months after her daughter’s burial.

Ivy was hacked to death by Naftali Kinuthia as she was walking from class in Moi University, Eldoret.

It is alleged that he went to the university armed with an axe and knife in a sack and waited for her at the gate.

Ivy has since been buried and the murder case is ongoing the next hearing has been set for May 27, 2019.

BBC caught up with Ivy’s mother.

“It was the worst day of my life, I hope I will never experience such a day again. I was just devastated, helpless… I just thought it’s over, I cannot face tomorrow,“ a very subdued Waithera told BBC.

A day before her brutal death on March 8, Ivy sent her mother a beautiful message to celebrate her on International Woman’s Day.

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It read:

“Happy Women’s Day to you (one of the strongest women I know). God bless you more each day,” Ivy’s message read.

Waithera has decided to speak out against femicide. She is lending her voice against this vice by telling her story and the experience of losing a child to a brutal and senseless murder.

She uses social media to push the narrative.


“We need to come out strong and condemn this and that’s why I’m becoming strong to talk to the social media,” she said. 

“So that I can tell the world these mothers are in agony, these mothers are troubled but these mothers can also become a voice. I wish Ivy’s death could be just a sacrifice so that no other girls die,“ she said.


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Check out the video of the interview by BBC below.

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