President Uhuru look-alike

Michael Njogo Gitonga has become the talk of the town after his photos surfaced online.

Njogo is President Uhuru’s look-alike and most of the times, many mistake him for the fourth president of the Republic of Kenya.

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The father o three who lives in Umoja during an interview with Inooro TV said he has been nicknamed “Uhunye” and the name gives him sleepless nights.

“I cannot walk out of this estate without people asking me for handouts, I have suffered with this name,” he said.


“It confuses me because I’m confused as to why I look like President Kenyatta, it is very unusual.”

Below are photos of Michael Njogo aka Uhunye.

Michael Njogo Gitonga Michael Njogo Gitonga

Michael Njogo Gitonga Michael Njogo Gitonga

Njogo has never known his father and said his late mother, who worked in Gatundu as security officer many moons ago is the only one who could tell who his biological father was.

During the interview he said if he gets a chance t meet president Uhuru, he would ask him is whether they’re brothers.

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Check out reactions from Kenyans.


Saloome Kwanza hapa amevaa leather jacket,amekaa kama uhuru kabisa

Cyrus Kariuki He’s even procreating like Uhuru: two sons, one daughter. Mambo zingine joh!

Stevey Kimson He sounds like a very good guy, touched when he mentioned only his late mother would confirm that

Betty Mworia aaaaawwww he has such a good heart… I just wish him well.

Jacinta Njoroge May it be a new beginning in your life.

Isaac ikere Waah..ati adi watoto ako na 2 boys na 1 girl kama UK tu..what a coincidence😂

Vicky Kahiga That similarity is too much. How can he be talking like uhunye?

Kelba Leo Everyone has a look-alike somewhere in the world. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re related.

Victoria Muthoni He is such a sweet soul and kind

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