Manzi wa Kibera

If you thought socialites are no more after the likes of Risper Faith, Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe settled down and stopped posting semi-nude pics online you’re wrong.

There’s a new crop of socialites who’ll do anything for fame and Shakilla is a good example.

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Well, apart from the wannabe socialite, there’s a new one in town, Wamboi Manzi wa Kibra.

She is known for posting raunchy photos on Instagram and never afraid of showing off her mammoth behind.

She is an exotic dancer at one of the popular night clubs.

The Kibera born and bred wannabe socialite in an interview with content creator Eva Mungai when asked about her body count, she said,

‘It is 150 plus…’

She spoke about her profession and she said,

‘I have worked with quite a number of artistes, some were good, some bad and some have weird demands and others don’t pay. As video vixens, we’re going through a lot. I wish someone comes through for us atusaidie…’

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