Shocked man
Shocked man

A city lady has confessed her love for married men. The 25-year-old took to social media to reveal that she has slept with 16 married men so far this year.

‘I’m 25 years old and I love married men so much and I have slept with 16 of them so far this year. Most of these married men are very lonely because their wives don’t treat them nicely.

I pray my sister doesn’t marry early because I’m scared I may sleep with her husband. I just love married men. I really hope I can change because I want to marry and have family of my own one day,’ she wrote.

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mz_tresh Which of this year? This lockdown 2020? Ahhhh

timiturner_ent Just know you’re nothing but an instrument in the hand of the devil

diva_norahh People are indeed possessed

debby You need deliverance!!

hommazin You need only JESUS

realbass.og May we not attract curses to ourselves… Amen

muhonitj 16 men in 2020? You need a medal

sofia.k Even if we advise you to get married so you can be turned on by your husband’s ring… are we sure you won’t get turned on when you see other married men??Your problem is spiritual dear I am married and used to play around with single girls… now I’m a changed man. I thank God. you can hit me up for help if you really want to change dear 😑😑

omondosylvsanus from January to June, you have slept with 16 and you are just 25. Please help us calculate how many you have slept with since you began having sex.

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