Singer Akothee has revealed that she’s single and not searching.

the singer with Willis Raburu

The self-proclaimed mother of five, who’s rumoured to be pregnant shared a post, which read,

Single and not searching let everyone live a free life that makes them happy, relationships drains me, I forget myself and start investing in my relationship. I have officially taken a break from dating anyone or anyone dating me. leave me alone 😂😂 I have papa Oyoo and papa Ojwang in my head, its enough headache 😂.

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Check out reactions from Akothee’s fans.

Kenzy Kenzia Abba What happened to Nelly oaks? Just the other day you said he’s the love of your life.  I hope hautuchezi 😂

Emma McKogada What happened with ….Nelly Oaks??.

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Omondi Peter I love you, remember to include me in your will my crush.

Maina Zeddy Sometimes we always think celebrities live a happy life by judging their appearance and lifestyle, but deep inside their hearts, they are battling depression. Depression is real. It burns inside, unseen.

Patrick Ithinji I have been admiring your life thinking you are happy president of single also single and depressed.

Flozy Mito You can’t have everything in this world….and I think that’s a bit fair for everyone.

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