Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan has spoken out after her estranged husband Diamond Platnumz said she cheated on him.

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While speaking in an interview with Millard Ayo, she said

When I broke up with Diamond he (Peter) was the first person to speak to him and told him ‘bro don’t do that. Family over everything.’

She added,

I never cheated on Diamond for the four years we were together.

She insisted that she never cheated on the singer.

Over my life, over my kids’ liVEs, to lose everything that I own including my soul..God is my witness. I never cheated on that man because I was in love with him. I was from another relationship and being with Diamond, I wanted to build something like the previous one, which I had invested in.

I even thought that it was gonna be forever. I’ve never cheated on the father of my two of five children.

So for him to do that way he was looking for excuses to make me look like I cheat.

Diamond also said that Zari cheated on him with her personal trainer. Responding to the allegations, she said,

My personal trainer, I had just given birth to Prince Nillan and was trying to get my body back. He was selling herbal products. He brought for me milkshake and tablets, which worked for me and I took a pic with him and credited him for helping me lose weight.

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She narrated how Diamond played victim after he impregnated Hamisa Mobetto.

After her ex-husband Ivan’s death in May 2017, Zari was hanging out with her family from Ivan’s side and she took a photo with his cousin, which caused a stir online.

Zari in a swimming pool with Ivan’s cousin

She said,

Diamond was very quick to post the post as scapegoat after he knew very well that he had sired a child out of wedlock. He knew the secret would soon be exposed and he wanted to use the photo (with my-in-law) to make me look bad. But it didn’t work and he deleted it,’ she said.


After the scandal was out, he started saying I cheated on him.

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Zari says Diamond then started begging her to forgive him and even asked his mother and lawyer to call her.

While speaking in an interview with a local radio station, he said he would crawl on his knees to South Africa just to beg Zari for forgives.

‘You never loved me. So why dod you want to crawl to South Africa to see me? These men can lie!’ she said.

The mother of five added that,

I’ve never dated Peter nor my personal trainer, while I was still with Diamond. I never played him with anyone as well. I would sell my soul to stand with the truth.

The businesswoman also set the record clear about her relationship with Peter.

I knew him before Diamond. My manager is a music promoter and I met him and his brother Paul (Psquare) way back in Uganda through him. That was the time I took photos with him.

I had met Peter in Tanzania way back and again through my manager. I have never slept with him. How comes all of a sudden Zari is cheating on me?’

She said on the two occasions she met the Nigerian duo she was in the company of her late ex-husband Ivan Semwanga.

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