Mpasho Andrew Kibe

Controversial Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe has revealed that he has never seen his child for the last seven years.

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Speaking during the Kiss morning show while responding to the question Who are you throwing under the bus this morning? Kibe said he sired a child with his ex-wife (first wife).

We produced a very strong offspring. Until three years old I was given the chance to see him. I later married another lady and my kid’s mother cut me off. Since then I have never seen my child for 7- 12 years. She denied me access to my offspring. Now that is somebody I want to thrown in front of a bus and in case you (she) survive the ‘accident’ I will step on her,’ he said.


That has really disturbed me for a long time. You want me to get emotional….

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One of the listeners responded to Andrew Kibe’s remarks saying,

That’s very harsh,I don’t believe there’s a reason enough for someone to deny their child to see or spend time with their dad…unless the man is.

Andrew Kibe

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