Dennis Mugo popularly known as OJ has come out to make it clear that he is not an alcoholic after it had been rumoured that that was the reason he left Tahidi High.

In an interview with K24, he has never gotten to a point of going to rehab because of drinking.

I have never been an alcoholic in term of dependency on alcohol but there are times I have overdone it. But it has never gotten to a point of going to rehab or having cops involved.


He went on to reveal the real reason why he left the local TV programme.


The story about leaving Tahidi was based on the realism of the show, it had to be maintained. We had been in the show for over 6 years. It was a phasing out of the old class that had Abel Mutua, Philip Karanja and Sarah Hassan. We started as 2nd-year students and when we were leaving Eddy already had two kids…it was time. There is no way Eddy is telling guys that he is in form 4 and he has two kids outside the show. The believability of the show kinda shakes.


‘I was an alcohol addict for 20 years ‘ Omosh of Tahidi high opens up